A Quick Guide To Marbella

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With so many places being competitive as the ultimate destination for your next vacation, it can be difficult for one to decide and plan their next trip. Out of hundreds of amazing options, I personally feel Marbella should be given a chance as your holiday retreat destination. Let’s check out few of the reasons to convince you why Marbella should be your next holiday option.

1.     Food

Vacations are all about checking out the places you haven’t been before to and trying out different cuisines you never had. Marbella, being a Spanish city has the famous mouthwatering Spanish cuisine that is renowned worldwide. There are so many options to fill your tummy when you are in Spain such as hearty paella, grilled fish of the day, tapas or gazpacho.

2.     Weather

Marbella is blessed with the best surroundings. It is located between the Mediterranean coastline and mountains. The place is gifted with warm, sunny summers, pleasant micro climate and mild winters. Due to the 320 days of summer in Marbella, the weather is never really too hot in summers or too cold in winters.

3.     Beaches

With having the perfect weather throughout the year, who wouldn’t want to spend some time at the Marbella’s beaches? What makes the beaches here famous is the crystal clear blue water, luxurious yachts and marinas and the beach facilities. The top party beaches of Marbella include Nikki beach, Buddha beach, Suite del Mar, Ocean club and Plaza beach.

4.     Accommodation

Vacation time!Where you just need to treat yourselfand relax to the max. There are great accommodation options available at Marbella for all types of people according to their budget. Marbella has a pretty impressive selection of the luxury villas, hotels, beach front properties and chic apartments, yes it can be expensive here but you can still pick up cheap holiday deals in Marbellaso what you waiting for?

5.     Celebrities

You never know you might get lucky enough to meet the famous celebrities here at Marbella. The place is filled with many celebrity sightings of which many have even bought properties here. Celebrities like Cheryl Cole, Christiano Ronaldo and other famous television show stars have been found relaxing here. Try your luck!

6.     Easy to Reach

The best part about travelling to Marbella is that it is only 2.5 hours away from almost every other place in Europe. From Malaga you can fly to major cities in Europe.

7.     Day Trips

It is highly unlikely that you will run out of things to do in Marbella. There are many local villages and towns that are worth a visit. I’d suggest you to escape into the mountains of the whitewashed village of Casares or a historical trip to Ronda that is filled with beautiful views, architecture, rich ambience and mouthwatering scrumptious food. If you want an outdoor experience, you can also go horse riding in Coin.

8.     Water Sports

Last but not the least; Marbella is famous as being the waters paradise. The opportunity to rent banana boats, Jet Ski and kayaks are readily available on many beaches, so drop your bags and head to the beach.

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