The essential to firing an excellent video is stabilization. The most effective handheld gimbal and also stabilizer is made exactly for that. They have actually been mostly utilized in the movie sector however smaller sized variations are now additionally available for customers.

Best Handheld Gimbal and Stabilizer

Firstly there are 2 types of handheld cam stabilizers: simple stabilizers that utilize weight to balance your camera then there are gimbals which make use of brushless electric motors as well as software program. Generally the gimbal balancers are more costly yet additionally provide a far better result.

There are 2 main types of gimbals to pick from: 2-axis as well as 3-axis. 2-axis gimbals primarily operate in X and also Y axis, as in Tilt and also Roll. They get the job done yet they typically aren’t as good as 3-axis as well as recently most firms have actually changed to 3-axis modern technology as it has actually obtained less expensive. 3-axis works in X, Y and Z axis. That Z axis is Pan as in it lets you revolve the handle 320 degrees as well as the activity camera will certainly still be indicating the original direction.

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Feiyu G4 remains in my viewpoint the best portable gimbal. And there is a rather simple reason for that. Instead of simply making a handheld stabilizer for GoPro, they have also obtained versions ideal for Sony action electronic cameras, smartphones as well as other electronic cameras that have comparable dimensions as the GoPro.

Feiyu G4 looks professional as well as premium quality. It is additionally truly tidy as in you can not see any wires and also it really feels fantastic in hand. It additionally doesn’t really feel heavy (10oz/290g) so it is rather very easy to hold it and your arm should not burn out fast. The portable gimbal has a dimension of 9.4 x 3.0 x 2.6 ″ (23.9 x 7.5 x 6.5 cm).

Feiyu G4 best handheld gimbal

Exactly what makes this gimbal so excellent is that it is truly simple to use. There is simply one LED push-button on the manage that is made use of to operate it. The LED flashes to suggest which of the 5 modes is selected:

Pan Comply with Mode– Locks the tilt and roll. Frying pan still works smootly and maintains the direction of your Feiyu gimbal. As in if you revolve the manage, the cam will efficiently turn with it.

Turn and Frying pan Adhere to Setting– Just locks the roll. Both tilt and frying pan action efficiently, complying with the direction of the Feiyu handheld.

Securing Mode– Locks all the movements: tilt, roll and also frying pan axis.

Inverted Setting– It allows you transform the electronic camera upside-down. It is basically an inverted variation of the Frying pan Adhere to Mode.

Standby Mode– The gimbal stays on yet the electric motors are closed down.

Below is a video clip that shows the distinction between making use of a gimbal and also just the camera:

Feiyu has different versions depending upon which electronic camera you have. They additionally have a various rate so below are all the models offered:

  • Feiyu Technology G4– The most effective handheld gimbal for GoPro. Functions with Hero4, Hero3+, Hero3 and various other action cameras of comparable dimension. Price is $239.
  • Feiyu Technology GM-G4-S– Finest portable stabilizer for Sony action cams. Rate is $289.
  • Feiyu Technology GM-G4-P– Handheld gimbal for apples iphone and also various other smart devices. Rate is $285.These are all of the 3-axis Feiyu G4 gimbals offered. As you could see they typically aren’t inexpensive so if rate is a problem after that you could intend to rather consider a mechanical portable stabilizer. They are cheaper but not as great.


Roxant Pro is most definitely the best handheld stabilizer in its cost array. It sets you back $60 and is best for GoPro, Sony, Canon, Nikon or other activity camera or DSLR cam up to 2.1 lbs/1kg.

Roxant Pro Best handheld stabilizer

Roxant Pro is the actual offer, it is constructed out of top quality materials, really stabilizes perfectly and also does not make any kind of frustrating sounds or come arbitrarily apart. There are some less expensive, similar items readily available on Amazon and you can obtain fortunate but from the testimonials I have actually read on the majority of them, they do not have construct top quality. However you can still inspect them out.

A handheld stabilizer essentially contains a manage, steel framework and also 3 weights. The weights are added based on the weight of your cam. Video camera is attached to the stabilizer by a tripod screw. So if your activity electronic camera has a tripod mount string after that you are good, if you have a GoPro then you require a place that has a tripod thread opening.

You could check the comparison between with the stabilizer and without listed below:.

Just drawback of the handheld stabilizer is that it won’t function if the terrain you are firing on is really rough, as in a great deal of up and down hillsides.


You can additionally check out special maintaining video takes care of that are way less complicated as well as less expensive than gimbals or mechanical stabilizers. Opteka is one firm that has a quite extremely ranked video manage on Amazon which is likewise one reason why I advise that. It costs $20 so the price is wonderful.

Opteka X-Grip Best Action Camera

Why to choose the manage? Well for one walking with a gimbal or mechanical stabilizer could be possibly intimidating. You will get looks so just making use of a deal with won’t be triggering that. Second of all a mechanical stabilizer will certainly not function if there is alot of backwards and forwards hill motion or a poor surface. Then your only remedy is either a handle or a gimbal. And also finally, shooting videos from a skateboard is the easiest with a handle due to the means it is created.

Opteka X-Grip links to all video cameras using a tripod thread screw. So your video camera has to have a tripod string hole or an install with it in order to affix it to the X-Grip.

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