Credit Unions – A Cheaper, Friendlier Alternative to Banks

In Raleigh, North Carolina, new homeowners Bob and Jennifer Hall built a smart decision: in place of choosing a dangerous mortgage scheme from the bank – a decision that’s been tragic for a lot of in their contemporaries, the pair requested financing through the New York State Employees’ Credit Union (SECU).

The couple did their research, and concluded that it produced greater sense to work well with a non profit financial cooperative to purchase their first home. Besides lower charges and closing costs, SECU did anything others didn’t: a credit-union staff lay down with the pair to explain the pros and cons of the different mortgage options. Because credit union employees are non commissioned, there is no-pressure, allowing the pair to view the credit union as a trusted advisor.

“There are a lot of young people that don’t understand the main advantage of using a co op,” says John, who feels that all North Carolinians take advantage of non-profit financial cooperatives that help to keep other banking institutions in-check by ensuring citizens remain eligible for competitive prices and fees. “Being a part will make a significant difference within your financial life!”

You Belong

Are you are frustrated with your bank? You may be fed up with paying countless fees, high interest rates and receiving poor customer support. As well as in light of the existing financial meltdown, you could find yourself among people that have good credit experiencing trouble finding a car or mortgage loan, caused by tightened credit requirements due to the banking industry’s own.

Fortunately, you have choices.

Credit unions offer are a fresh option to corporate banks while delivering the same kinds of services. Like a credit union member, you’ll be able to open a checking or checking account, obtain a certification of deposit and get financing. Some credit unions can even help commit on your retirement or consider financial planning programs before you get your first home.

Credit unions are co operative firms, held by members (depositors) who share something incommon, for example where they work, stay or head to church. Since credit unions tend to be smaller and focus on a select group, you can expect a far more personal relationship between your team and the members.

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Unlike commercial banks that produce profits for entrepreneurs and external investors, credit unions station gains back to customers in the kind of lower costs, better interest rates and higher benefits. Based on the American Banker/Gallup poll, credit unions consistently rank high among people for support and customer care annually since 1983.

Keep Your Money Safe

Credit unions have emerged as a safehaven for customers. Because credit unions avoided the risky loans and unique assets that brought down so many banks, they remain relatively untouched by the recent financial meltdown, credit union members have peaceofmind knowing their money is safe.

Credit unions are financially strong because they stick to conventional banking practices, including demanding downpayments and income verification on home mortgages. While many banks were chasing ever-more incredible ways to make money, credit unions stuck to the basics.

A lot of people are leery of adding their resources within the hands of the credit union since they consider the credit union isn’t FDIC insured. Nothing might be more in the truth. Like banks and savings institutions, credit unions deposits are protected around $250,000 by the government, delivering the exact same degree of safety for investor resources as any banking institution.

Credit Unions Still Lending

Commercial banks have recently curtailed lending, even people with good credit. The effect is the fact that many consumers are having difficulty finding home and auto loans due to tightened lending standards.

This is not the situation with credit unions, which continue making loans offered to people who have good credit histories. Actually, credit unions are now experiencing larger mortgage volumes as customers turn for them in greater numbers because the new banking sector crisis.

In line with the CUNA, credit unions produced 36 percent more smallbusiness loans within the first 50% of 2008 compared to the same time in 2007, a reflection partly of the capability of credit unions to provide while banks horde money.

Now, as conventional banks avoid financing even to credit worthy buyers, credit unions are poised to take a much bigger share of the standard financing company – including homes, vehicles and business loans.

Join a Credit Union Today!

Although once related to trade unions, hospitals, colleges and other substantial staff groups, credit unions are increasingly ready to accept the general public. There’s also “select staff groups” that offer credit union members into a network of related companies.

You will discover many factors to join a credit union, including:

– Unlike many commercial banks, credit unions are still lending

– You’ve access to excellent services and products.

– Be heard. Your voice counts – your coop genuinely cares what you think.

– You’ll be part of a prices-based organization that puts people before revenue.

– Share in the financial success of the corporation.

– Give Rise To a successful local economy.

– Choose company that’s locally owned and democratically controlled.

– engage in a solid and happy cooperative tradition.

– Help change the means business is done in the US and all over the world.

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